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Maija Nemanis did not begin her career as a jeweler. The Latvian-born, American-educated Neimanis spent 20 years as an award-winning costume-designer in television and films. At the top of her career, Neimanis took a three week course at the Jewelry Arts Institute in New York. Within a year, she left costume design and launched a three-year intensive study in the arts of granulation, enameling, lapidary, chain-weaving, and other ancient techniques involving 22-karat gold. Not merely museum reproductions, her designs make available the art of ancient jewelry. Using historical techniques of the Etruscans and Greeks, she creates jewelry for the modern woman looking for timeless, beautiful pieces. Her collections, in 22 karat gold, with granulation and gemstones, some with coins, capture the imaginations of those who see it.

"Latvian-born Maija Neimanis was an award-winning costume designer when she chanced upon a jewelry-making class. Specializing in historical fashions in her costume design career, Neimanis was immediately drawn to ancient techniques such as granulation. Her collection of high-karat gold jewelry is based on traditional forms with a modern twist. Hollywood’s loss has become the jewelry lover’s gain, as Neimanis now devotes all of her time to designing and creating precious adornments."
- Alan Revere